In 2017, Bobby decided to build a bar in his garage. Jessie replied “if you build it, I’ll make drinks.” This was the inception of The Stubborn Nail. For a year, Bobby and Jessie invited friends and family to private cocktail parties each week where they were able to explore their own creativity and ability in constantly evolving menus of drinks. They pulled fresh herbs and produce from their own growing garden, and began to see a community form around The Stubborn Nail. These evenings became a stage where Jessie developed her signature cocktail style, and where Bobby could learn the foundations of mixology and become a well versed bartender in his own right.

They began to develop an ethos with three key points: always use the freshest ingredients possible; be thoughtful and sustainable; create a community for people to gather and share.

From their expanding network of friends, new opportunities began to arise, leading to the formation of The Stubborn Nail Cocktail Company. Today, while occasional events occur in the privacy of their home bar, Bobby and Jessie now focus on bringing cocktails from their garden, to yours. They specialize in designing custom cocktails and providing full service experiences while maintaining their philosophy that great drinks are always fresh and well balanced; that cocktails and events should be environmentally conscious; and that sharing cocktails leads to community growth.